Skull experiment

During my earth made man project I felt a great curiosity with the how death of the earths creatures could become beautiful, aswell as the contrast between death and fluidity. 

This piece is made from leaves, broken glass and a bird skull. I used the glass to create fluidity which contrasted again the skull which symbolises death. The green leaves were used to create wings. I found it interesting how the dead leaves created such vibrancy and positivity when the skull which symbolises death so strongly didn’t take over the mood of the sculpture. 

Coming out of my shell

Hello fellow bloggers! 

I haven’t posted in a long time because of other priorities like college. Never been so busy! But finally I have finished my project and got a distinction. 

The next couple of blogs I plan to do will be around the last project I have done called ‘earth Made Man’ which is based on apprecating the Earth around us and the creatures within the earth. It is also based on how some humans believe the earth was made for only humans and that we are first priority and life forms around us can adapt or go. I managed to do over 100 pieces of work to incorporate these ideologies and enjoyed learning about other artists which I hope to share with you all. 

Kristallnacht- The Night Of Broken Glass 

Kristallnacht- The night of broken glassIn 1938 there was an assignation of a German official in Paris by a Jewish civilian. Joseph Goebbels used this event to created Propaganda against the Jewish people. This lead to a mass anti sematic attack of the Jewish people called the night of broken glass. This event was really symbolic as the begging of the holocaust. The reason why we call this event the night of broken glass is because of the sheer amount of broken glass that layer on the streets of Reich. Jewish homes, synagogues and business but looted and destroyed all in the name of ‘protected the pure German blood.’

In all 250 synagogues had been burned and destroyed, over 7000 Jewish buiessnessed and been robbed and trashed and dozens of Jewish people murdered. These statistics really just show what a violent attack this was. This was a direct attack on the Jewish people which served no mercy.

one of the great consequences of this attack were there wasn’t any consequences for murder because they could not be arrested for doing nothing wrong as they were just doing what was asked of them. However there were a number of Jewish woman that were assaulted and raped. This was considered a biggest insult to the Germans. Not because the woman were assaulted, but because that the German men had tainted the pure German bloody with the blood line of a Jewish woman. The consequence for these men were that exiled from Nazi Germany and handed to the police where they then were executed for their crimes. This really made me realise how serious dirty Jewish people were made out to be. That murder was practically rewarded to the German people yet raping a Jewish woman was worst that killing. 

Overnight over 30,000 Jewish people were arrested and sent to camps cause of their religion and the woman were sent to jail. I feel that the woman weren’t straight away sent to camps because they were not as usual as young men to Hitler. They would get more work done by using the young fit men that using a woman to complete hard labour before being killed.

After this disgusting ordeal Hitler ordered that the Jewish people were responsible for this attack and that they would have to pay the fine for the damage that was coursed. This really was the biggest slap in the face. They had been brutalised, robbed, assaulted, there religious buildings had been destroyed and then after all of that they were blamed for the abuse against them. 

I have always been very curious how this event could have happened, by how this was the seed to the holocaust. Joseph Goebbels and Hitler were truly evil yet madly clever. These two men together polluted the minds of so many people to believe that a group of religious people were un-pure and threat to point of murder is really horrible but also interesting that people can be psychology altered by fear to act in such a way.

I initially have been inspired through material, I found broken glass that I related back to this event because of its properties and what is symbolised to me and I have used skulls that strongly symbolise death to create sculptural pieces using the night of broken glass as my starting point.

Now I feel inspired by the Kristallnacht in how people react to a sense of feeling threatened how you can psychologically turn people against each other. The phycology of the people’s reactions really interests me. I hope to create 😄 art to convey a performance studying how we react to events and everyday occurrences. Through learning about this event has enabled me the tools to explore cultural reactions past and present I hope to next explore current social reactions like the terrorist group Isis, and how they have cause mass destruction and fear worldwide.

Loren knapp- everyone has a voice and deserves it to be listened to. 

When you meet a stranger that touches your heart. Loren and his dog billy have been homeless for 12 years by in sad circumstances. Born to American parents with his father a navy seal. Unsurprisingly Loren is incredibly polite and well mannered to quote an upbringing of saying yes sir or no sir teaches you manners. After the passing of his father his mother remarried, through clashing with his new stepdad he was kicked out at 16 years old. 

He’s 28 now and has traveled all around England to try and find employment and stability in his life but with no luck. Now he’s a big issue seller in Norwich living a life on the street.
I met him selling the big issue and from the moment we spoke my eyes were opened to the injustice of life. I sat with him and talked about his life and what led him to be homeless. What struck me was here was a warm, kind and lovely human being, no different from any of us reading this blog. I realised that there is truth in that your only 4 pay checks from being homeless. If you pass a big issue selling, buy a magazine for 3 pound. It’s less than a coffee.  

Design time:D

Been working on designing a large sculpture! The sculpture will be pretty large in scale:D 

I will be creating this from broken glass and animal skulls. My original source of inspiration is from The Night Of Broken Glass. A antisemitic event  just prior  ww2 in Germany.

 This inspired my use of broken glass which I have buckets full! Found the glass in a skip (as you do) so far I have made several drawings and a maket for the final result! 

I hope to experiment with light, scale and texture to create a mystical yet disturbing sculpure! Very exited as this is probably the first time im really planning a major piece! It’s also great to use found materials feeling very resourceful.

The skulls were found in Ashridge whilst dog walking, perspexs base were given to me as they were otherwise going to be thrown away. Bargain! 

Can’t wait for my final result hope you all can’t wait either! 


Express yourselves!

Last week was purely set on creating compositions to music of your own choice I went with Stravinsky with his revolutionary composition “Right before Spring” truly a breathtaking creation!

 There was so much chaoas, contrastinf mood changes throughout the piece.  It was truly inspiring! I just closed my eyes to be invade by magnificent colours and lines appearing Asif they were in front of my eyes.

 The feelings whilst listening to Stravinsky’s music were rather overwhelming. My response was purely abstract and I hope I represented a decent emotional response. 

To be able to move forward I know I need to start to get an understand on how creating more controlled imagery can be just as emotive and abstract as to creating impulsive and literal expressive work. My next blog I will hopefully demostrate I can create more detailed composition that requires higher technique and thought.


Reflex on our past so we don’t repeat it in the future. 

This is a holocaust video i just created. I always believe that we should reflex on humanity’s past where we have succeeded yet also in our tradgedys, so we can make a better future. 

To all those innocent people that were murdered throughout the holocaust. Our thoughts will always be with you. 

(Not my photos off google apart from the paintings they were my reaction to the events and the music by Yiruma “moonlight”


This is a shortened down version of this digital video.  I have been looking around how hands can produce a emotional response. These images are selected to be a reflection around mass suffering in our history like war for example.  

Such a handy week

I’ve been looking at the relations hands have to expressing ourselves. 

After completely an animation which envolves a rather brutal story which is about two people commuting a act of murder. 

 The Vilains were just hands because they were so despicable there hands were the only tolerable part of them to look at.

Head Vilain   
Other Vilain 

   After completing the animation I watched out simple movements really bought out negotiate imagery, through the actions the hands did a personality came out of both hands through there own body language. 

Vilain killing off its friend   
Past couple of days I have taken experimental pictures or two hands and there relationship to one another to see if there’s any emotional response. 

I have also looked at shapes hands can make which became a more abstract contorted out comes, as well as becoming a more dynamic. 

  After gathering a selection of images  I decided to experiment with layering and the contrast of the the image, these were my results: