Reflex on our past so we don’t repeat it in the future. 

This is a holocaust video i just created. I always believe that we should reflex on humanity’s past where we have succeeded yet also in our tradgedys, so we can make a better future. 

To all those innocent people that were murdered throughout the holocaust. Our thoughts will always be with you. 

(Not my photos off google apart from the paintings they were my reaction to the events and the music by Yiruma “moonlight”


Such a handy week

I’ve been looking at the relations hands have to expressing ourselves. 

After completely an animation which envolves a rather brutal story which is about two people commuting a act of murder. 

 The Vilains were just hands because they were so despicable there hands were the only tolerable part of them to look at.

Head Vilain   
Other Vilain 

   After completing the animation I watched out simple movements really bought out negotiate imagery, through the actions the hands did a personality came out of both hands through there own body language. 

Vilain killing off its friend   
Past couple of days I have taken experimental pictures or two hands and there relationship to one another to see if there’s any emotional response. 

I have also looked at shapes hands can make which became a more abstract contorted out comes, as well as becoming a more dynamic. 

  After gathering a selection of images  I decided to experiment with layering and the contrast of the the image, these were my results: 


Be open minded with me 

Hello everyone! I’m Ruth an 18 year old art student doing my foundation diploma at college! I have decided to start blogging about my artwork aswell as other amazing artists! I also plan to blog my ideas, different concepts and how to create some wicked stuff ! 

Art is a huge part of me! It’s got me through some really tough points and has helped me greatly in being able to express myself. It has also inspired me to be more open to different concepts and debates around the current world we live in. 

 A little commission of mine 🙂 
The world around us is a strange and beautiful place. We are all so lucky to have such a outstanding nature! 

Took this picture recently in wipsnade zoo, they have recently added a separate larger butterfly exhibit! 

The butterflies were so vibrant and just mesmerising! I really recommend you guys check it out!

Sadly the world is also full of darkness and injustice whether it’s man made or just natures way of stabbing us in the back!

I hope to be able to explore with you  different opinions and concepts which even I don’t always agree on. But to have an opinion we should be able to explore other opinions that are different to our own. All opinions whether we agree or not deserved to be heard, debated about and respected.  It’s the best way to structure our own opinions and be open to eachother! 

  Just a little sculpture on freedom of expression 🙂

I will be straight with you.  I’m a very contemporary artist and on occasions I will try and shock my audience. I know there are times where I make a piece of weird art and people are thinking “what the fuck is that?” All I will say is think about how people say the sky is blue. Is it though? Because when I look up I can see blue. But also I can also see deep greys, dazzling stars, bright bursts of lightning even that red sky at night! So when you look up to the blue sky ask yourself is it actually just a bland blue sky? All I ask is for your patience and for you to be open minded with me.   

I will start my next post soon. It will be around the concept of the dystopia in children that’s been greatly inspired by the gruesome Chapman Brothers! Can’t wait to here all of your great opinions and concepts!

A preview of part of my sculpture based on th distopia of children!:)  

  1. If anyone’s interested interested I have an Instagram account based on plainly my artwork! Check it out if you like 🙂 name is @ruthharty I haven’t. Worked out how to link it to my insta bio quite yet aha!